Asking for repetition

A few polite expressions for asking someone to repeat what they said:

  • Sorry? 
  • US not UK: Excuse me?
  • Sorry, could you repeat that, please?
  • Sorry, can you say that again, please?
  • Sorry, I didn’t (quite) catch that.
  • Sorry, can you speak up a bit, please? (On the telephone if the phone line is bad)
  • Sorry, can you speak a bit more slowly, please? (If there’s a language problem)

lit (UK) lighted (US)

UK: lit US: lighted(adjective) to mean burning

UK: a lit candle
US: a lighted candle

Please note: These posts are as a result of personal observations of common differences in the use of English between the US and UK speakers. There will be significant variation according to the situation and background and personality of the speaker/writer, wherever they’re from. There will sometimes be crossover too depending on the context.