Real English: Break time!

Things we say at  break time (note interesting phrases in bold)
Have you had your break yet?
I need to go on break (e.g. in shops and restaurants etc. where staff may may be unpaid/legally required).
I didn’t have time for breakfast but I got a sandwich from the shop for lunch.
I’m getting myself a coffee. Do you fancy one?
I’m making a sandwich.
I’m going to make my lunch.

Real English: Getting to work

Pay particular attention to the sections in bold:
1. I’ve just got to work (very recently).
2. I’m on time 🙂
3. Sorry I’m late. / Sorry I got in late. I overslept because my alarm didn’t go off.
4. I got in at 8am.
5. Let me just go and get changed/get my uniform on.
6. I didn’t have time for breakfast but I got a sandwich from the shop for lunch.
7. I got the bus to work.
8. I biked/cycled to work.
9. I drove to work.

Asking for repetition

A few polite expressions for asking someone to repeat what they said:

  • Sorry? 
  • US not UK: Excuse me?
  • Sorry, could you repeat that, please?
  • Sorry, can you say that again, please?
  • Sorry, I didn’t (quite) catch that.
  • Sorry, can you speak up a bit, please? (On the telephone if the phone line is bad)
  • Sorry, can you speak a bit more slowly, please? (If there’s a language problem)

Real English Greetings

Informal British Real English greetings:
1) Hiya! (Meaning: ‘Hi’)
2) Alright? (Meanings: either ‘Hello!’ or ‘How are you?’)
Common answer 1: I’m alright thanks! Y’alright?
Common answer 2: Alright?’ (Depending on the situation, it can just mean ‘Hi!’ so you don’t need to state if you are okay or not :-))
3) How you doing? (Meaning: How are you?)
4) What’ve you been up to today? (Meaning: What have you been doing today in general)
Common answer: ‘I’ve just been at work … nothing special!’