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Real English: Break time!

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Things we say at  break time (note interesting phrases in bold) Have you had your break yet? I need to go on break (e.g. in shops and restaurants etc. where…

Asking for repetition

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A few polite expressions for asking someone to repeat what they said: Sorry?  US not UK: Excuse me? Sorry, could you repeat that, please? Sorry, can you say that again,…

Real English Greetings

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Informal British Real English greetings: 1) Hiya! (Meaning: ‘Hi’) 2) Alright? (Meanings: either ‘Hello!’ or ‘How are you?’) Common answer 1: I’m alright thanks! Y’alright? Common answer 2: Alright?’ (Depending on the…

Wet weather words

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a) It’s dull/damp. b) It’s drizzling. c) It’s just a shower. d) It’s raining heavily. e) It’s pouring down. f) It’s chucking it down. g) There’s torrential rain. h) There’s…

lit (UK) lighted (US)

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UK: lit US: lighted(adjective) to mean burning UK: a lit candle US: a lighted candle Please note: These posts are as a result of personal observations of common differences in…